Thursday, July 18, 2013

in our garden

This is soon to be the fairy cave

It's been quiet on here lately. I'm sorry! I want to say we have been busy, but really, we're just enjoying the summer.
We have been putting together ideas to take to Community Futures, to build a business plan, and try to get a loan to start up a small scale herb farm. Complete with Herbal CSA, which is my most anticipated project. I'm quite excited about the whole venture. Of course, we will still be starting the mini-farm regardless of whether we get a loan or not. But a loan would sure help us get off to a quicker start!
I still need to save, save, save to take my herbalism course. As well as a metaphysical practitioner course, which is just for fun for now, but i'm quite excited about!
Lately, the girls and I have been walking and roaming a lot. Sourcing out wild edibles and medicinals, harvesting and drying for future use. We are so fortunate where we live to have to many in such abundance!
Next on our list is bees! I'm so fucking excited! :D We have a hive and smoker lined up. Next to locate a swarm.

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