Monday, February 11, 2013

our 2013 garden

Here are the plans to our garden. I came across a site ( that lets you create your own garden plan. No matter what size, climate, or vegetable seed you choose to plant, it has all the information you need, from when to plant/harvest to what that particular plant is best planted with, how many per square foot/row, etc.

These are the plans for our garden this year. We are going big this year, which we might as well.
In May i start a course to get my Diploma in Organic Landscaping. The first module is Organic Master Gardener, so this will be a perfect place to enhance my study.

I want to eventually have a mini farm. Mostly organic vegetables and fruit, but also honey/bees, eggs, chicken and wool from Angora rabbits. (They will be ready in June!! Just in time for H.'s birthday!) :)

If you have been following my pinterest, you may have caught on that we are designing a yurt, (low - no impact housing) and are hopefully in the next two years be off grid, and pushing towards self-sufficiency. My plan after taking this course is to start designing, and possibly (eventually) landscaping for edible gardening, in any given space. M. is going to (fingers crossed) be taking his first year welding course, and continuing with that. It doesn't start until september, so from now until then, he is helping me with my plans, and looking for work at the same time. There really isnt that much work right now, but thankfully there is EI, until something comes up or he can take that course.

I'm still sewing quite a bit, working on a bunch of refashions (will post later on that) and upcycled market bags (I love these!).

We are so busy, and i love it! I haven't really had a chance to be busy in a long time. It feels pretty good!


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