Friday, January 25, 2013

This makes me happy

Blueprint for an edible city

sometimes i miss it

The sunsets
The land, I just adored! It was SO beautiful in the short, hot summer.
Even right before spring.
The sunrises were pretty wicked too!

We were living in such a beautiful place. Sometimes I miss it. If things aren't going the way we want them to (ei, housing situation, etc.) the thought passes through my head that we should have stayed.

And then I remember that we left this:
-30C and frozen windows.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


M. was carrying A. down the stairs this morning right as we were about to leave the house. The stairs are linoleum, his socks are wool. A.'s leg is broken just under the knee...poor thing has a cast to her hip :( Daddy feels awful about it. He threw out his back and bruised his arm. Thankfully it's not a bad break. The doc was actually suprised to see a break on the xray.
 Can't walk for the next 2-4 weeks. But she is a trooper. We'll just call her cheif.

1- A little bit of catching up...

 Before we left

My last glimpse of the mountains
So this past year has been really crazy and unplanned, and exhausting, and emotional, and I could go on....and on
We lived on a BEAUTIFUL chunk of Saskatchewan phenomenal! If the winters weren't so soul-crushing and it was on the ocean I wouldn't have given that up easily.

But the house was falling apart, the land could never REALLY be ours, and we couldn't get internet. And I'm not much of a pioneer.
The housing situation where we were was bullocks. WAY too expensive for anyone! Even if the people renting these places work in the oil patch. No one can get a fresh start there.

Its Just plain dumb.
So long story short (And I mean LONG story that I will no longer talk about), we are back on the coast, *home*less, sharing a bed and 1 room with our two toddler girls, and taking each day as it comes. Looking for work and a place to live. Making artwork and crafting again (BOTH of us!) and talking about starting to sell products.
I'm not even going to get into my garden venture right now. That's a whole series of post in itself!!!
I'm still working on deleteing what I can from Crackbook, so that'll be up for a little while longer. I'm also trying to sell a couple things on that F#%!*ing swap n shop.
*i will not rant...*
 I'm going to try getting M. to post some times too on his ventures. (art work, etsy, school? widdle, widdle, widdle)
Oops! 1am
Peace out, beansprout!